Essay grading is done by human graders regarding several criteria like complexity of sentence structure, usage of language to convey ideas, coherence throughout the essay etc. Grading essays is tedious work where graders need to follow specific guidelines and read the essay number of times in order to accurately grade it depending on different criteria. The criteria includes but isn’t limited to; unity, coherence, sentence skills and application of format.

Gradr will be grading essays depending on the criteria people are using. Then the process will be faster for graders. They will be able to pinpoint problem areas easier and determine grades faster. Students will also benefit from the system by uploading and getting an estimate on their essay grade before they submit their essay to their instructor.

We propose a system that makes predictions of essay grades using machine learning algorithms. The system will benefit students who are writing essays and graders who want to automate the process.

The system will contain a user interface to input the essay. The interface will be easy to use and understand. Then the system will grade the essay using its learned data. After the grade is computed Gradr will show the grade to the user with appropriate feedback. It will also include markers for problem areas and features like sentence recommendations using built in sentence structures.


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